About Plaza Podiatry
What are we about? And why are we the best choice for you and your family?

You can believe this. You do not stay in business on Long Island for THIRTY YEARS without doing it right. This is our 30th year, and we are thankful to still be serving our little piece of New York and giving it all our care.

Our patients tell us again and again how much they love our doctors and our staff. And we think it's because we treat every patient like family. We care for you the way you deserve to be cared for, and we make your visits to our office fun and friendly, always giving you our very, very best.

Come visit us. You'll see.

We would love to have you as part of our family. And we would love to help you with whatever foot or ankle problems you might have.

Thirty years we have been here, and you will find us here for you always.

About Our Doctors
What makes our doctors the best you will find on Long Island.

You are going to love our doctors . . .

Dr. Wendy Baraban, D.P.M. — bio coming soon!
Dr. MaryAnn D'Amara, D.P.M. — bio coming soon!

Our Specialties
Here Are The Problems We Specialize In Treating


Foot Pain
If your foot or heel is hurting, there's a reason for it, and we can figure it out. From simple to surgical, we can take care of you.


Ankle Pain
Sprained ankles, torn tendons, joint problems — whatever is causing your ankles pain or discomfort, we can help you recover.


Diabetic Foot Conditions
Patients with diabetes often have problems with open ulcers or wounds on their feet. Diabetic foot issues are a specialty here.


Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis)
We have the finest FDA-approved laser treatment for toenail fungus in the US: fast, safe, and with a 95 percent success rate.


Plantar Warts
Warts on the bottoms of your feet are painful. And, if untreated, they spread. Our laser can destroy them without cutting or freezing.


Spider Veins
Those unsightly veins near your ankles and lower legs? They don't need to be there. And we can get rid of them for you!