Tired of Those Unsightly Spider Veins?
Believe it or not, they might be easier to get rid of than you think.

Everyone is amazed when they learn we can get rid of the blue and purple veins making their ankles and lower legs look awful.

Stop Letting Your Spider Veins Get The Best Of You. We Can Make Your Legs Look Great Again With Our Extremely Effective (and Highly Safe!) Laser Spider Vein Removal Procedure.

Spider veins are those tiny, thin reddish-purple veins visible right below the surface of your skin. You know them. They create that sprawling web of blueish rivers and lakes messing up your once beautiful skin.

Spider veins can really be found anywhere on the body, but typically you find them most on your legs and ankles. And they can range from thin, fine lines to marker-line-thick streaks or blobs.

Even though spider veins are painless, they actually can lead to future, potentially more serious vein problems, so it is highly advisable to get rid of them early, not only for your circulatory health but also so you can look great again in shorts, capris, or skirts!

So — What Is To Be Done About Those Unsightly Spider Veins?

It’s simple enough, really. Just give us a call and set up a quick appointment. We can give you personalized, insightful guidance on how severe your problem really is and what you can do about it.

If we assess you and determine that you have a more severe varicose vein issue, we will refer you to your physician (or a vein specialist if you don't have one). But for the most part, most of what we see end up being nothing more than veins you would rather not have anymore.

Blasting Those Spider Veins Away At Laser Light Speed

With our laser technology we can safely and effectively treat spider veins for people of ALL skin types and complexions. The long-pulse Fotona Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser we use can achieve maximum results with minimal discomfort for YOU, all without any risk to you, no matter what your skin coloring.

Because of the advanced European physics behind it, our laser ensures that throughout your vein-removal procedure you will truly enjoy the benefits of the safest, fastest, and flat out most-effective procedure available.

How does our laser blast away your spider veins exactly?

Because of its precise, gold-standard 1064-nanometer wavelength, the Fotona Laser ignores skin pigment entirely and directly targets the hemoglobin in the blood vessels, its long-pulse delivery heating the blood there 35 to 55 times longer than competing lasers (critical for full-volume heating of the blood vessel), each pulse perfectly calibrated for the safest possible delivery. As the blood in the vessel absorbs the laser energy, it creates heat which destroys the vessel wall, causing the vein to die. The body then naturally clears away what's left, absorbing everything over the coming weeks and months.

And the best part is:

— No Down Time
— No Lengthy Procedures
— No Concern Over Skin Color or Tanning
— No Anesthetics
— No Real Pain
— No Risk of Burns or Scorching
— No Risk of Scarring

How Long Until The Veins Disappear Entirely? And How Many Laser Treatments Does It Take?

How long it will take your ankles and legs to clear up is tough to say. Everyone has a different biological schedule for how quickly their bodies heal and how fast the veins we've knocked out are reabsorbed into their bodies. Some just disappear right then and there, like magic. But most will have to be absorbed. Your personal biological schedule — based on everything from your heredity to your diet — could range from days to weeks, and possibly a few months. You can rest assured that you will see it all clear up in the end. Typically it's just a matter of a few weeks to a month or so. But since everyone is different, there is no way for us to know for sure on any given patient.

And typically you will come in for one initial treatment, taking anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour (depending on how many veins you want cleared away). After that, you only need to come back once more six weeks later for any touch-ups on veins that may have started to heal. After that follow-up, you should be good to go. Once they get hit a second time, they stay down.

OK, Let's Do It! — How Do We Get Started? What's the First Step?

Simple. Just give us a call. We're at 631-320-1990 and we can set up your initial consult for a time that fits you best. We would love to have you visit us, and you will love the results!

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